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The Financial Guide

Hi there, I'm Vincent. 

I usually love writing "About Me" pages. 

This is because it is usually written in a third person language... even though most times, the author is the same person who owns the site :P

This gives me the chance to brag about myself without sounding snobbish or arrogant. 

At the same time, it feels awkward growing up in Asia to toot my own horn.

As such, I decided to take a different approach for this page. 

Read on to see what I mean. 

Who is Vincent Chua?

I see myself as a Financial Guide (who is also a licensed Financial Advisor).


I coined this term because there are too many taboos surrounding "Financial Advisor" or "Financial Planner".


I always like to joke with my friends. When I go to a networking event and if I don’t like the person I’m talking to, I’ll usually say, "I’m a Financial Advisor".


Next moment, you will see that the person cutting the conversation short and leave.

It is like your first date with a girl and she immediately puts a label on you upon the first meet without getting to know you on a deeper level. 


Why Financial Guide?   

When we travel, we usually engage a guide to share with us the history, stories and origins of the places. 


With that guide, we have a better understanding and appreciation of that country and location.


Similarly, I would like to share with people the road map to financial freedom and guide them along this journey of economics, at different stages of our lives. 

Does that mean I have already gained Financial Freedom? 

The short answer is not yet.

Just like a tour guide to Sentosa, does that mean he owns a unit there?

Chances are, he doesn't stay on that island.

Yet, he is able to share useful information about Sentosa because he has done extensive research and has deep knowledge about the area.

As such, I would akin myself to a guide in the financial world. 

I'm still work in progress and I hope that I'm able to assist you through this journey as well. ​

Is This Guy Able To Deliver What He Says?

To most readers, the short answer is no. 

That is because most people are looking to get rich quick

It takes time, change of habits and commitment to achieve financial freedom. 


Most instruments out in the market require time to compound the returns. 

As such, if you are on the same page as I do, than below is how I can help you achieve your financial dreams. 


Wealth protection

Here's the plain vanilla insurance. 

Sounds simple but there are 2 important to ask: 

  • Are you paying too much for your insurance?

  • Are you currently under or over-insured?

The key is to keep the cost as low as possible so we can focus on the next segment...


wealth accumulation

Here's where we put aside our surplus cashflow for our future. 

Many times, we are overwhelmed by our commitments ahead of us (e.g marriage, house, kids) and as a result, postponed our plans for retirement. 

Retirement, in my opinion, should be the main goal of wealth accumulation. 


wealth preservation

There are two main outflows that will eat into our surplus cashflow. 

Taxes and mortgage interest. 

The plan then is to reduce these two aspects (legally) so we have more for our other commitments. 


wealth transfer

Transfer of assets from the previous generation to the next could be a nightmare if certain processes are not put in place. 

Given that, we need to look into the various vehicles in event of us not being around so our next generation will be going to court due to the uneven distribution of assets in the family. 

Family feuds can lead to disharmony and this can be resolved through this transfer. 

If you like what you have read so far...

You can reach me 

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