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A Hell of A Ride

I don't think anyone enjoys watching his investment position turning red.

Neither do I.

Yet, when I see the market going down. I feel a sense of...excitement, joy and happiness.

Sounds contradictory, isn't it?

On one hand, my existing investments are red and I feel lousy. On the other hand, I feel elated that the market is dropping.

Well, it all depends on perspective. Let me explain.

  1. I can only buy investments at a discount when the market is down.

  2. I can enter the companies and funds I like at a cheaper price.

  3. I add on to my existing winners at better value points.

  4. When I look back 10, 20 years from now, this dip will provide a good entry.

  5. My future self will thank me that I had invested more during this downtime.

  6. It takes a lot of courage to invest at a dip.

  7. Market volatility is an investor's best friend.

  8. It takes more courage to "catch a falling knife".

  9. The rearview mirror is 20/20. If I knew the bottom was around Mar of 2020 and went all in, even with the current drop, I'll still be sitting on very decent gains.

  10. Sadly, there is no one to ring a bell to tell me that the market is at the bottom.

  11. To achieve extraordinary returns, it makes sense to be unconventional.

  12. I need a lot of conviction and some knowledge to buy when the market is down.

  13. I can still buy investments with minimum knowledge, but I may not have the conviction to hold it through.

  14. When I first started, I assumed I had the risk tolerance to invest in a downtrend, I was so wrong. I was only keen on an uptrend back then.

  15. Markets don't always go in one direction. That is what makes the market exciting (at least to me).

  16. I could be dead right in my analysis and the price can still go down.

  17. I could be so wrong on my analysis or overlook important information and look like a smart dude who bought in right before the price surge.

  18. There is an element of luck involved in investing. Investing is both a science and an art. And much luck.

  19. If I am losing sleep because of this drop, then it's time to review my portfolio. I am definitely biting more than I can chew.

  20. Investing is...a lifestyle. A way of work. A way of thinking. A way of appreciating what is happening in the market and the real world.

Happy hunting guys~!

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