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Day 12 - My Favourite Number

Seeing the market has shot up quite a bit.

My hands got a little itchy and decided to put in some orders for a few companies on my radar.

And I'm surprised to see a different result on my overall portfolio.

Thanks to the rebound, one of my portfolios is...

In the black.

How is that possible?

Honestly, I ask myself the same question.

Looking at the portfolio, my first instinct is the portfolio is heavily skewed towards the technology field. So that helps.

The biggest winner is 302% while the biggest loser is -63.2%.

And if you are wondering if the biggest winner comes from a recent investment, the short answer is no.

I make it a point to invest regularly on a monthly basis so I reckon that helps tremendously.

Probably I will do a detailed breakdown of the biggest winner tomorrow.

Oh, I forgot to mention that 12 is my favourite number. That's because, for many of my academic years, I was always at 12. After a while, the number 12 grew on me. 😅

So probably that's why my portfolio was up.

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