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Day 2 - A Walk In Ghost Town

I was out earlier to get some essentials from NTUC.

I wonder if anyone could guess the timing of the picture I took today.

Source: Picture Taken A Toa Payoh Central

If anyone can guess the timing correctly, I would be happy to give them...

A slot for this coming Friday's investment webinar (3pm SGT) ^^

(I'll be sharing on some investment areas that I'll be deploying my own money to during this crisis. PM me for more details.)

Jokes aside, it began to dawn on me the impact of this "circuit breaker".

Mentally I'm aware of the impact on the businesses, the employees and the economy. Emotionally, this image I saw earlier today really hit home the message.

Honestly, this period is tough. Really tough for everyone.

It reminds me of the scene from Kingdom.

Source: Netflix Picture of Kingdom Season 2

Scary picture. Scary scenario. Scary reality.

It's really hard to imagine if Singapore would be able to pull through this Covid situation.

Do we sufficient reserve funds to tide through?

Will the government be able to provide more aid down the road?

Will our food reserves be sufficient?

Those are really good questions. And the worst-case scenario did play out in mind.

However, I changed my perspective after watching this video.

The video is an interview with Jim Kwik, a super memory expert, who teaches speed reading and super memory skills.

Watch the part on "Taking Responsibility", 16:24.

Whatever happens in your life, it is the result of the choices you have made in the past.

I'm going to go as far as saying, the result of this Covid situation is a result of my own actions.

Not that I started this virus, intend to pass the virus to anyone or any of that direction.

Rather, I am not in a better financial situation, not being able to help others due to the lack of knowledge of this virus situation, or any other actions that I should have been doing but have not.

As such, I'm taking some drastic changes in my life.

It is a long interview, 2 hours. But given that most of us are staying home, I reckon we can multitask, listen and continue with our work.

Trust me, this interview has so many nuggets of wisdom that I wish more people could watch and benefit from it.

The future looks bleak.

The current economy doesn't look good.

The job is unstable.

The goal isn't about the economy.

The goal isn't about the pay roll. (Ok, it's important, but there are more important things at this juncture.)

The goal is definitely not just about riding out this crisis.

As my mentor, Jim Rohn, aptly puts it,

We get paid for bringing value to the market place.

The "value" he mentioned has two parts. The first is in terms of the products and services we bring to the customers. The second is the value we become.

So stop the worrying and start working on yourself. Because once you adopt this philosophy and apply it to your life, I'm certain I'll be seeing a more successful version of yourself.

There ain't no rainbow without rain. And I do hope that you will begin this journey for the hunt of the treasure chest at the end of the rainbow soon!

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