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Day 7 - #GiveBack

I was listening to a podcast the following paragraph continue to ring in my head long after the podcast has ended.

The biggest positive (the Covid situation): this is not structural, as in the 1930s or even in 2008. Banks are not failing. The system not collapsing. The economy is not broken. Instead it’s suicide. We’re deliberately murdering GDP, stifling demand and idling millions of people to thwart a bug. When it passes (and it will) or a therapy is found (coming) demand will swell, jobs return, markets rise. It’s hell. But it ends.

You can read more about the original post here.

It's so true. We are deliberately killing the system, the economy, the people (indirectly), to save humanity.

It's one of the toughest challenge humankind has faced. And I'm sure we will overcome this.

The important question is...

How many of us will be emerged better, stronger and greater?

Because this is not just a reset button, but also a turning point where many are likely to fall through the cracks due to the poor financial foundation they may have prior to this pandemic.

I donated a small amount last Sunday to help others.

Hopefully, you can do the same in your respective country or to the organization you wish to help.

Let this be a chance to show the world that we truly care and it ain't just about greed, money or fame.

And I'm considering organizing another webinar, likely Friday 3pm - 4pm. This time, it's more Q&A style (aka there are no slides). You can ask me anything relating to the investing market and I answer to the best of my ability.

Beginners are preferred as this I find that this is one of the best time for them to dip their toes in the water and they need someone to give them some confidence on how to navigate the waters.

However, if you find that the questions you want to ask are very personal, you can always arrange a separate time with me. Just PM me will do.

How to join the webinar?

Last Friday I conducted a webinar and I asked the members at the end to pay it forward.

This time around, I decided to flip the process. To qualify for the webinar, you can donate to any of your preferred organization, platforms or help a needy family. Then PM me that you had already done so.

Any amount goes a long way to those who need help. So just donate any amount you deem comfortable at your current situation. I'm won't check because I trust you. I'm hoping that through this small action, you can inspire others to do the same too.

Together, we can come out stronger, better and more empathetic of others.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay home people!

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