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#Random Thoughts

As the title suggests, this post has nothing to do with insurance, investments or any finance-related matters.

Rather, it's about some random thoughts that led to another thought, then another and another and finally, I decided to pen them down.

It may or may not be useful for you.

What I can promise is if you were to try the experiment with me at the end of the post, you will likely see and feel very differently.

How did it begin?

For some reason, I had overused my data limit for this month and if I were to continue the same rate of usage, I will likely exceed my data limit.

To give some context, my current plan gives me 9 GB of data every month. Based on past habits, I rarely exceed 3 or 4 GB per month.

As such, I was very surprised to learn that I had more than 8 GB. To make matter worse, my cycle refreshes on 4 April.

Given I'm stingy and doesn't want to pay for extra data, I switched off my mobile data while I commute.

Tipping Point

The journeys were unbearable. It's like I am a lost duck that doesn't know where and what to do next.

And something interesting I noticed about myself.

I felt...poor for some reason.

It is like I don't have "money" for my activities during the commute.

I don't listen to music or podcast even though I pay for Spotify premium. I find that it is very difficult to listen clearly when I'm underground.

(Or maybe I just didn't have the right gear for it.)

I don't have the habit of watching Netflix too despite my friend was nice enough to share his account with me.

I used my time to play games, surf the net and research on stocks.

(yeah, I know. I'm a very boring dude)

The thought of not doing my usual felt...ironic. Especially when you are on the train, a large majority of people are on their phones.

It is like I'm the odd one out.

There multiples times where I reached into the pocket, took out the phone and then realised, oh, I didn't have enough data, then put the phone back into the pocket.

It felt like I was constantly going to the marketplace to see my favourite board game and not being able to buy it.

More Connected Than Ever

On my way back tonight, I pondered.

How on earth did I come up with a story that:

  • having no data equals poor?

  • not being able to use the phone on the commute is odd?

  • why is there a constant need to feed the mind with something to do?

As such, I used the time to observe people. To watch more, listen more, ask more.

I saw a lady wearing her watch on the right wrist. While alighting from the bus, she used her right hand to support herself. So does that mean her right arm is the dominant one and wearing her watch on the right-hand makes her right?

Then why am I wearing mine on the left? Or why most people wear their watches on the left hand in the first place?

I looked up the top 3 sources on Google search and found it rather interesting. If you want to find out more, you can click the link below.

Historical background and logical explanation:

Current explanation on why it's easier to wear on the left hand:

Should you wear your watch on the left wrist?

Interesting isn't it?

The fact that there are logic and purpose behind why we wear our watches on the left hand.

I wonder how many of you know about it.

Or probably a better question to ask is, have you thought about it before and looked into it?

How Does This Help Me?

Instead of me telling you the answer, why not try this experiment for yourself.

Turn off your mobile data when you commute for the next few days.

If you need it to get your Grab, order your food or even start your aircon before you reach home, by all means, do that.

But do increase your awareness to see if you "accidentally" go into other applications while your mobile data is back on.

From there, monitor your thoughts (when the data is off).

  • Listen to what they say.

  • Hear what they speak to you.

  • Then take good notes.

Because believe it or not, your body, your mind and subconscious are speaking to you each and every minute. We had created the ultimate habit of putting a permanent lid on them.

Off the mobile data and experience it for yourself. Try it out for 3 commutes, then 1 day, then 1 week.

Or maybe, I am just going bonkers because of the Covid situation.

If it is, pardon me for wasting 5 minutes of your time.

If you are willing to try it, feel free to comment on the blog comments section or respective social media and let me know what you thought about it.

P.S: If you are on home quarantine, for the benefit of everyone else, please continue to stay at home. Try this experiment after your quarantine is over.

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